Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Well, I've found the internet cafe. And it is amazing.


But anyway - I went to this german beer bar the other day and it was amazing. I had a local beer and it was sweeeet.

I dont think I'll be able to upload photos as there is an absence of USB ports ont the two computers I;ve used so far but we'll see. Currently the bab is being well gay and has tried to forbide alcohol. I've decided to fight fire with fire on this one, all out nuclear war.

Its been really sunny the past few days and its picturesque frankly. I've already finished to Kill a Mockingbird, when on saturday I was left locked in the house for five fucking hours while she went to the shops. I really need to sort her out. But have now started Ulysses, which is interesting.

Unfortunately, not alot has happened this weekend. Mainly because not alot happens in Petrozavodsk. Although I am going to a weird old island this weekend where theres all these wooden buildings and stuff (google Kizhi if you're interested). So yeah.

I swear sometimes it feels like a third world country, when I went out on sunday into town, there was a group of fellas drunkenly carousing outside the 'off license' (metal shack) on the way to the bus stop. They were also 'playing' with dogs, mainly in the form of swearing at them whilst trying to kick them. Great stuff. The ballet it wasn't.

Going to send my first letter this week, so hopefully that will reach one of (it will be a surprise). I imagine alot of content found here will have been reproduced there.

nu tak, poka-poka.

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Anonymous said...

No photos is not acceptable. Connect your camera to your computer WITH STRING please. Also, collect beer bottles. Or at least the labels. Is her name really Bab?

Kizhi looks crackers - brilliant! Are there any actual things you have to do while in Petrozavodsk? Or is it just a hang out and go slowly bonkers deal?

I love TKAM. But I'm most interested in what you think about Ulysses. It's got good jokes, you know.