Thursday, 14 May 2009 we come?

Still fresh from the sense of pride that I received on the 9th of May (Victory Day) last Saturday, the last week has been pretty good really. We went to the parade, we had a picnic, we went on a suspiciously rusty Big Wheel in the fairground by the lakeside. It's all good really.

These feelings of optimisim, vitality etc abstract nouns aplenty have inspired me to do some travelling. I'm now currently taking the 20 hour train to Murmansk next week to see whatever is there (apparently not alot) and then also planning to take a road trip round Lake Onego at the start of June. Great stuff.

On the downside, my two other English mates left town last night never to return. So now, with 5 weeks to go, I'm somewhat alone. Apart from that, I spent the weekend without the family as they went to the Cherepovets for 5 days. Why? I really don't know. Cheropovets is the capital of Vologdaskaia Oblast', and is a smokey hole according to Big Sasha. However, they did come back looking refreshed, tanned and with lots of pickled goods. So I'm not complaining. Especially as I got to eat alot of vareniki. Woop woop.

We're also probably going to the Dacha this Friday night for some hard drinking and banya time, which will be ace.

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