Tuesday, 10 March 2009

whats that?

its only -3. well, thats according to the lying sign in the centre of town, which constantly says thats its warmer than it is. we actually have a game where we guess what 'megafon' (telephone provider) will say.
yeah, we're that cool.

weekend has been fairly intense. there was extreme 'gosti' (going to eachothers houses and drinking and eating all at the same time) from saturday to sunday. on saturday we went to this Italian girls house. she actually lives in the Petrozavodsk ghetto 'Kluchevaia'. where coincidentally one of the lads who I live with got punched in the face last week. people there are less smiley than usual, and thats fair enough, because they've not got anything to fucking smile about as they live in a shithole.

and then on sunday, it was International Woman's Day, a festival only celebrated in the CIS, where men for one day a year pretend to give a shit about their wives, girlfriends, sisters and other female relatives, female co-workers and generally anybody with a vagina. to show this, they may in fact treat them as equals, or maybe just give them flowers, vases, perfume, make-up, jewellry as these are the only items that women will ever, ever want to receive as presents.

to celebrate this momentous day in the Petrozavodsk social calendar, we had a mass family piss-up which started at 3 and ended at around 12. I can proudly say that I lasted only about 4-5 hours before passing out. Why the approximation? (you may ask). Well I know this because at about 7pm I apparently tried to ring Cuba, and then I remember nothing. I'm actually a bit gutted about this because apparently around 8-9pm they started dancing, and I fucking missed it. It was brilliant, my liver doesn' agree, but still.

Unfortunately, its Big Sasha's birthday on Friday.

And then Sergei's.

And then Dennis'.

Literally, I'm quite sure the world is going to end next week when there are three separate birthday parties for members of the house.

I've also been to the HIV clinic. Its quite easy to find actually, its only a random green door down a back street on other side of town. Unfortunately, they couldnt actually test me this morning as they only do that from 3-5, whereas from 9-12 you can pay your fee (R510). I think I'm probably just used to Russia, but literally, the place is a dive.


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