Wednesday, 25 February 2009

hey kids i'm back

word yo from petrozavodsk (again).

I've only been here a week, but I've fitted straight back in. well apart from the time that the minivan/marshrutka driver called me a pussy boy because I couldnt open the door (it was a bit broken, in my defence).

its seriously snowing here, and its been like -14 I think. have been on top of a frozen lake, indeed the 2nd largest lake in Europe. so put that it in your pipe of boasts and smoke it.

apart from that, I haven't really much to report. have already been out a few times, have been accosted as well in a supermarket cafe by a man with few teeth. he proceeded to claim that my friend was a) not English (he is) and then that b) he was a gyspy. Not the first time that a drunk Russian has assumed that Nat is of inferior origin (he was offered out once because this guy thought he was Georgian).

We've just had a bank holiday, which made a nice 3 day weekend ('Defence of the Fatherland Day', formerly 'All-Russia Soviet Armed Forces Day'). Other than that, I'm going for yet another HIV test this week, which should prove to be a far less pleasant experience than before in England. This isn't however for my own personal amusement, but for the amusement of The Republic of Karelia, who in their adminstrative wisdom have declared that all foreign students who wish to extend their stay, need to take a HIV test. Nevermind the fact that you need a test to enter the fucking country, you need to prove that you havent managed to catch it in your stay too. Ejits.

Kisses to the few who read this.

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Glad you're alive. Post about Russian STI clinics.